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Get a quick report of your internet security solution's effectiveness. You will find if your security system can stop threats, protect users, and enforce the policies. It's free, private and safe

A modern approach to web security

A secure web gateway paired with cloud service technology offers users a completely new form of security, which reduce the cost and disadvantages of traditional methods.

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The world is moving to the cloud

CyRadar Internet Shield performs as a cloud service, which provides a wide variety of advantages to business. Fast deployment, easy management are some of the most advanced and convenient features of our cloud technology. Through many security layers of CyRadar, your users are protected from a large amount of advanced malwares, ransomwares, and phishing every day. In addition, CyRadar Internet Shield offers a strong policy and reporting engine, providing an efficient way to control and monitor web usage.


Anti Phishing

Protect users from phishing websites built to steal sensitive data


Internet Access Control

Free to personalize web usage policies with your filtering rules


Anti Malware

Block spyware, botnet, ransomware ... before a connection is established

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Protect all devices inside your network regardless of platforms.


APT Attack Prevention

Detect and prevent Zero-day threats, unknown malware via cloud sandboxing


Security as a service

Cloud deployment makes it easy to setup and lower your costs compared to security appliances

Advanced protection for all users

Just by pointing your web traffic to CyRadar cloud system, your users are offered the powerful security and policy enforcement by CyRadar Intelligent Platform. Your users can now go direct-to-web, with the best safety condition and less latency.

01. Traffic Inspection

Inspects inbound and outbound traffics including HTTP and HTTPS

02. Any locations

Protects mobile employees and remote offices, no matter where they are

03. Multi-platform

Support any platform including Windows, MacOS, Linux, ...

04. Multiple devices

Protect users on any devices: laptops, mobiles, tablets or even IOT devices

05. User friendly

Eliminate users inconvenience by single sign-on integration

06. Efficient support

Our customer support team are always ready to respond as soon as possible

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Monitor and control web usage

We provide administrators all the necessary utilities to monitor, collect and sumarize web activity. Simultaneously, our policy engine help them to control the network effectively by applying customized web usage rules for users' access.

01. Web-based dashboard

Supply and visualize sufficient information about existing threats and current web usage activities

02. Comprehensive reporting

Provide full-detailed reports through email occasionally, especially instantly when the network is facing critical threats

03. Customized policies

Pre-defined policies offer a wide range of policy-based control options. It is easy to create new policies to meet your need

04. Application control

Monitor and control the usage of popular applications

05. User behavior analysis

Collect and analyze data from user behavior to optimize the productivity and web usage in your network

06. Network usage statistic

Visualize data in the most detailed form to have the overview of network usage status

Cloud Pricing Plan

Choose the best security plan for your business. 100% cloud, no additional hardware required

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A strong security shield for all your users

  • Management supported
  • Web Security
  • Web Filtering
  • Internet Usage Statistic


A higher level of security and network control

  • User authentication required
  • APT attack prevention
  • Web Filtering for specific users
  • User bahaviour analysis