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    A modern approach to Email Security

    A secure email gateway paired with cloud service technology offers users a completely new form of security, which reduce the cost and disadvantages of traditional methods.

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    The world is moving to the cloud

    CyRadar Secure Email Gateway (a part of CyRadar Internet Shield) performs as a cloud service for email security, which provides a wide variety of advantages to business. Fast deployment, easy management are some of the most advanced and convenient features of our cloud technology. Through many security layers of CyRadar, your users are protected from a large amount of advanced malware, ransomware, and phishing every day.


    Anti Phishing

    Protect users from phishing websites built to steal sensitive data


    Customizable Policy

    Free to customize email policies with your filtering rules


    Anti Malware

    Block spyware, botnet, ransomware ... before a connection is established

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    Anti Spam

    Protect all your accounts from spam, unsolicited and unwanted messages


    APT Attack Prevention

    Detect and prevent Zero-day threats, unknown malware via cloud sandboxing


    Security as a service

    Cloud deployment makes it easy to setup and lower your costs compared to security appliances