Next-Gen SOC

Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC is not a very new security solution but a preferred one for organizations thanks to its comprehensiveness. However, in the complex context of growing threats three mains components of traditional SOC including PEOPLE; TECHNOLOGY and PROCESS seem to be not enough. It reveals numerous issues not only lots of false alerts but countless tools and human resource consuming. That is the reason why CyRadar Next Generation SOC was born. It is a breakthrough in monitoring information security based on cloud computing

CyRadar Next Generation SOC

By researching and developing CyRadar Intelligent Platform which is smoothly integrated with newest technologies like AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, NextGen SOC from CyRadar will ensure


Monitor all incidents 24/7


Early detect and properly respond to new risks.


All activities of organizations will be secure and uninterrupted

CyRadar Intelligent Platform

CyRadar Intelligence Platform applies Machine Learning and Malware Graph in collecting, analyzing and evaluating level of toxic data resource (Domain, URL, IP, File). CyRadar Intelligent Platform positively analyzes newborn Internet resource then evaluates to early prevent cyberattacks

SOAR - Core value of SOC

SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) combines automated data gathering, security automation, case management and analytics to provide organizations the ability to easily implement sophisticated defense-in-depth capabilities based on internal and external data sources

CyRadar SOAR is based on:

  • Threat Intelligence; Vulnerability Management; Attack Simulations; Malware Graph: provide secure information to make core database for the whole system.
  • Security Researcher; Threats Hunters; SOC Manager; SOC Operators: continuously searching and updating new technology to create playbook.
  • CyRadar SOAR makes SOC operations service positive and independent, which helps reduce human resources at Level 1 and provide human resources at Level 2 with the most truly information.


More than 40 security experts with experience and incidents solving skills from CyRadar ensure the security for the system of organizations. There are 3 layers of human resources: Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3

Outstanding Features


Unlimited log collecting


Auto connect, synthesize and analyze log.


Auto detect and solve problems.


Constantly monitoring and warning whenever incidents happen


Detect and prevent phishing, malware, ransomware, toxic domains, zero-day attacks


Analyze and investigate using Sandbox

Customer benefits


An overview of system’s information security


Early detection and positive response to incidents


Minimize damage and loss if there are any risks


Enhance effectiveness of information security investment


Take advantage of CyRadar Intelligent Platform and other unique technologies


Being protected 24/7