Security Information and Event Management

CyRadar SIEM

CyRadar Security Information and Event Management (CyRadar SIEM) works by constantly collecting log and event data generated by an organizations applications, security devices and host systems and bringing it together into a single centralized platform. CyRadar SIEM delivers real-time comprehensive visibility into network activities to quickly identify and prioritize potential issues.


Accumulate, combine and display event sources in one dashboard only


Streamlined reporting for security compliance initiatives


Utilize security incidents detection and attack warning


Maximize effectiveness in managing security events


Incidents investigation and tracking

Deployment Model

CyRadar SIEM is centrally located to effectively record and store security event data from firewall, proxy server, endpoint server, DNS server. Robust centralized logging capabilities anable storage and transmission around the clock without interuption during using. Otherwise, a cloud-based SIEM solution is available for all-size companies

CyRadar SIEM Architecture

CyRadar SIEM is a combination of outstanding features namely Multi Source, Incident Response, Investigation. This gives administrator a helping hand in easily detecting, approaching and analysing security events. CyRadar SIEM, also, maximize investigating and tracking abilities by utilize Customizable Dashboard, Remote Config, Full Reports.

  • Forwarder: positively collect data based on various criteria such as source or type of event, then forward to Collection for standardization.
  • Collection: negatively collect data from integrated resource and standardize before forwarding to analysis module. Collection module is easily deployed in a variety locations inside your network and compatible with different deployment model.
  • Correlation & Analytics: Early detect cyber security threats using CyRadar Intelligent Platform.
  • Index: Big Data are stored and marked for purpose of searching and investigation. This module is horizontally unlimited expansion in order to highten searching productivity and storage time.
  • Search Heads: customer-friendly dashboard offers a wide range of functions inluding Overview, Report, Warning, Ticket. This module can be simply customized depending on status of each organization.

How it works